3 Oct 2015

Meter: Hyunseung Plastic Surgery – BEAST

Today we’ll be looking at the subject of yet another request : Hyunseung plastic surgery Jang Hyun-seung
30 Sep 2015

OT Meaning

  Quick test  – what does OT stand for ?  :-p What does OT mean….. it is
19 Sep 2015

Top Videos we all love : ) I Don’t Need a Man – Miss A

I Don’t Need a Man Miss A Genre: K-Pop Price: $ 1.49 Release Date: October 15, 2012
10 Sep 2015

BTS Plastic Surgery – Jin, Bangtan Boys

 BTS Plastic Surgery K-pop – Jin The request for Jin from BTS kpop star has been a long
21 Aug 2015


There have been a few recent talks about DJ Soda having plastic surgery, so lets see if those suspicions
24 Mar 2015

Plastic Surgery Meter: Gummi, Crayon Pop

This post was sparked by reading a debate about whether or not members of Crayon Pop had
18 Mar 2015

Plastic Surgery Meter: Kevin, U-KISS

Today we stray from the official request list to look at Kevin of U-KISS. He always looked
13 Mar 2015

TOP 5: Obvious plastic surgery

We’ve taken a little break from the Plastic Surgery Meters to do a little top 5 list