Plastic Surgery Meter: Baekhyun, EXO

Plastic Surgery Meter: Baekhyun, EXO | KPOP Surgery 8

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[Updated: June 20, 2014] Some new pictures of pre-debut Baekhyun came to light with his recent drinking scandal (or non-scandal if you ask me). Check out the photos over at allkpop and then try to deny his v-line surgery. I think it’s safe to say he had his jaw shaved, as suspected.

Baekhyun's double eyelids
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I also recently stumbled upon the photo to the left, and it’s clear to see that our Baekhyun has had double eyelid surgery as well. Xiumin is actually the only member of EXO without double eyelids. This doesn’t mean that all other members used surgery to achieve theirs, it’s just food for thought! Do you think any of the EXO members are without plastic surgery? It’s looking more and more like a plastic surgery all-kill, a la SNSD

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[January 14, 2014] Finally we’re onto our first member of EXO-K, Baekhyun. When I think of plastic surgery victims in EXO, he’s always the first person that comes to mind. Baekhyun has had quite an obvious nose job and his chin is different from his younger years too. He doesn’t seem to have done anything to his eyes (yet??).

Before and after pics

Plastic Surgery Meter: Baekhyun, EXO | KPOP Surgery 8
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Covi Lázaro

nah, i don’t think he has done something to his chin or nose, they look the same in the wolf photoshoot,… Read more »

Fheb Rozel Billones

Did anyone know what is ”nose exercise”?

Munira Puno

i believe it because they just need it…. face if they’re in t.v they need to be more beautiful i mean… Read more »


In my opinion! people get to change they facial (and body) when growing up. I can’t judge because those pics are… Read more »

Enóó LoVe

However, even he gets plastic sugery or he doesn’t ☺️ I still love him

Priscilla Kim Latoeperissa

I don’t know about the other Exo Members. But Baekhyun … I don’t see any changes. His face shape is still… Read more »

Priscilla Kim Latoeperissa

I don’t know about the other Exo Members. But Baekhyun … I don’t see any changes. His face shape is still… Read more »

Chloe Arjona

No way. The hairstyle can change our face. Plus the make up. They’re just using some beauty products, thats why.

Luisa Hizu Pianigiani

His nose looks the same to me, lol. Also, those pictures are the worst pre-debut pictures of Baekhyun, I see what… Read more »

Bernarth Lim

Brace yourself kpop fans trying to make excuses.

Thea Gvalia

haha I love exo, but does it really, matter if they changed their apperance? I mean it’s not like his voice… Read more »

Eka Mardyaningsih Emdyan


Nur Hadirah Shasha

Im sick of people saying that most of kpop idols undergo plastic surgery!My parents keep on bashing korean because of their… Read more »

Venisa Mega

In official photo, there’s a PHOTOSHOP MAGIC, you know!

Faithe Espiritu

Aside from the eyeliner, I don’t see anything different with baek. FYI our nose gets bigger and more defined as we… Read more »

Yanna Gabrielle

there’s no denying that exo are handsome but lol people should stop saying they didn’t get anything done with their faces… Read more »

Aracelly Espinoza Brito

i think this is just envy. they are handsome. really handsome. and if they did a change to their faces or… Read more »

Enimsaj E. Bonagua

its just makeup

Eka Mardyaningsih Emdyan

I think there is none besides change from his face because the make up.

Silvia Navarro Martínez

tal vez la parte del mentón es cierto, pero lo de la nariz lo dudo, he visto fotos de él sin… Read more »

Megan Malenfant

Have you ever noticed that Baekhyun and Luhan look extremely alike from the nose to the chin post-debut? When I was… Read more »

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