Plastic Surgery Meter: Kris, EXO

Plastic Surgery Meter: Kris, EXO | KPOP Surgery 6

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I’ve been promising more EXO (there are just so many of them!), so today we’ll be looking at EXO-M leader Kris. Sadly, there are not a whole lot of old photos of him, and the ones that exist are not exactly high quality, so it’s a bit hard to say for certain what he’s had done (if anything). Nevertheless, his jaw looks a bit different so I believe he’s had some cosmetic surgery in that area. Not really sure about the rest of his face – he wears so much make-up these days! Like many other idols, he’s also had his teeth fixed.

Before and after pics

Plastic Surgery Meter: Kris, EXO | KPOP Surgery 6
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Mae Dalisay Peng-as


Mae Dalisay Peng-as


….GOT IT!!!!!

Amy Leigh

as far as getting his teeth fixed, do you mean fixing an underbite? because to me it def looked like he… Read more »

Serena Li

lolz, wearimg braces to fix teeth = plastic surgery XD

Ayasa Dedal

Stupid article… Fixing ur teeth makes u guilty from plastic surgery? Wtf

Joony Park

So basically y’all are telling me that he or she that wrote this post are literally just looking at exo’s pictures… Read more »

Joanna Hsieh

I don’t see any changes…

Jordan Danna

Although kris has his plastic surgery i still and forever love him as a probably his life not us..

Krisha Allysa Carillo

Stupid…I cant see any changes except for his hair…Everybody said he did undergo a plastic surgery , his face is the… Read more »

Michelle Raymond

before , he looks like .. you know.. some kind of uncle? after , this is our CITY COOL GUY!!

Johan Rubio

One thing that made Kris looks different from his image before is that he’s complexion is whiter now. Also he got… Read more »

Anouchka Kibora

I do agree that braces can change your facial structure. My fave was long before because of my over bite but… Read more »

Mehtap Morgane Biricik

I really this that as a human we have changed since our childhood. For my case my face shape has totally… Read more »

Victoria Aye Chan

Stupid… He only fixed his teeth using braces for gods sake!

Chloe Arjona

Lol, nothing changes. Except for the hair.

Faithe Espiritu

I’m pretty sure he passed the puberty stage and his face matured since then. If fixing his teeth is a plastic… Read more »

Aracelly Espinoza Brito

really?? this has to be a joke. HE BECAME A MAN, YOU PEOPLE!! you need to open your eyes or start… Read more »

Ayane Nina Tomita

It’s mostly his hair. His face hasn’t changed that much.

Oo May

i m not even exo fan but he still looks the same to me…..he is just wearing make-up ,so he looks… Read more »

Eka Mardyaningsih Emdyan

I’m not sure, it’s only part of the treatment. I think he was just spruce up its mess. teeth are a… Read more »

Silvia Navarro Martínez

Sobre Kris…yo creo y por lo que veo en las imágenes, es que tal vez se hizo un pequeñísimo arreglo en… Read more »

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