Plastic Surgery Meter: Sungjae, BTOB

Plastic Surgery Meter: Sungjae, BTOB | KPOP Surgery 6

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I’ve been looking forward to this one. Actually, I thought it would be easy to declare Sungjae of BTOB a natural beauty, but then the pictures told another story!

Sungjae doesn’t look remarkably different from his pre-debut years. Of course he looks like an idol now, because that’s the effect of having stylists and make up artists follow you around on a daily basis. Other than that, he looks much the same.

The only aspect of his face that I think has changed is his eyes. He used to have very narrow eyes and is now a lot more wide-eyed. It doesn’t look like he’s had double eyelid surgery though, because he still has monolids. It’s likely that he’s had the inner (and?) outer corners of his eyes cut to give him a more open-eyed look. I think this may have occurred in 2013.

Check out the before and after pictures and this pre-debut video of Sungjae’s JYP audition to see what I mean!

Before and after pics

Plastic Surgery Meter: Sungjae, BTOB | KPOP Surgery 6
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Al Pascall

Hi sk, both the monitor & assistant monitor of 4S3 are in overseas now ? So, chances of meeting up are… Read more »

Radhe Krishna Bhajans

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Ventura IT

Say, you got a nice article post. Will read on


You clearly didn’t do your research well enough. If you look up Yook Sungjae 2012, you’ll find pictures (not just one… Read more »


I dont think he did some kind of eye surgery cause even now when you see him (photos) sometime he have… Read more »

april rhose saracin tuan

Even though sungjae got this surgery, my expectations towards him wont change. Sungjae fighting!

Jae Florinz Datu Abad

EYELINER everyone. E Y E L I N E R. HAHAHA. Seems likebthe one who posted this article doesn’t know what… Read more »

Krizel Seo

Photoshop does the trick sometimes. This post is comparing a pre-debut photo (w/ he’s a lot younger), a jacket photo and… Read more »

Clara Agostinho Pinha

Kpop fans always so funny lmao thank you guys for making me ng mealways laugh at your crazy ideas lol

Kim Ji Yoon

I can understand why you accuse him for doing the corners but in one of the photos the sunlight hit his… Read more »

Kai Zen

He looks a LOT like Lee Min Ki…


What the fuck are you talking about? Do you have any evidence that he got surgery? Just only those pictures? Huh?… Read more »

Syuhadha Kakashi

Well, as you can see the top biggest pic of him is when he was in WOW era. And his eyes… Read more »

Abrar Noori

Why I think that he looks like heechul in the old days ( in no other mc ) both of them… Read more »

Clara Agostinho Pinha

HTo me it looks like he changed totally the shape of his face and removed all his cheecks

Jeresel Labiste

how about ilhoon,chang sub and peniel? i think they did some job done as well. Im not an anti-fan , honestly… Read more »

Angeline J. Tan

he looks like seo in guk

Lymli Li

make up and photoshoop help too you know

Melody Lee

I was a little doubtful too that he’s a natural beauty at first because of the video of his audition. His… Read more »

Annika Joeng

just a random question, but when do idols have time to do PS? don’t they usually have a lot of schedules?… Read more »

Gabby Lee

the first two before photos he’s looking down, and the one in 2013 looks like he’s squinting cuz there’s a lot… Read more »

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